Sending an Email from an Oracle Apex Application

Done it ..

1. Here is the customer feedback form – customer enters feedback text and presses submit feedback button


2. In the Action When Button Clicked section, set Action value equal to Defined by Dynamic Action

3. Create a Dynamic Action. In the When section set the following values:

Event: Click

Selection Type: Button

Button: SUBMIT (Submit Feedback)

4. Add a TRUE Action

5. Set Action=Execute PL/SQL code

6. Under Settings, add the following PL/SQL code (Note p-body has been assigned the feedback bind variable :P102_FEEDBACK so that whatever text is entered by the customer will be sent in the email

apex_mail.send(  p_to       => ‘’,   — change to your email address
p_from     => ‘’, — change to a real senders email address
p_body     => :P102_FEEDBACK,         p_subj     => ‘My Plain text message’);

7. Run the page. Add some feedback and press the submit feedback button.

8. Voila! Within seconds you should receive the email in your email inbox

Job Done.

Keep Experimenting – it is the best way to learn


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